"...praise the Lord with the musical instruments I have provided for that purpose." ~ I Chronicles 23:5

I have been teaching privately for almost 15 years and during that time have developed many of my own techniques for helping students master the violin. However, I was taught and continue to learn from many very talented musicians and instructors and have naturally incorporated many of their techniques in to my teaching as well.

As a general rule I start my students on their learning journey by teaching them to play by ear. Through tabulation and learning to match the sounds and rhythms they hear the ear is strengthened as they develop the ability to learn a song on their own without the aide of sheet music.

After a student has gained a firm grasp of the fundamentals, developed proper technique, and learned to play a handful of songs, I move on to note reading. The ability to site read gives students an even greater sense of confidence in themselves as musicians and opens the door for them to play in orchestras, other formal settings, or simply play from any book of music.

I follow this methodology for two reasons: First, it is how I was taught, and second, I believe it trains my students to become well rounded musicians, whether it is playing along with Taylor Swift in their bedroom, trying out for the school orchestra, or going on to becoming a competitive contest fiddler, my students will develop the SKILLS they need to succeed, and will have FUN doing it.

Because I have experience in and an appreciation for many styles of music I try to expose my students to a little of everything so that they can discover what they are passionate about. I prefer to teach a mix of both classical pieces and fiddle tunes, however I am willing to focus on whatever style is most appealing to the individual. My job is to help my students stay on track to achieve their musical goals, and to offer opportunities to help them grow as musicians. With hard work and dedication on both ends we will succeed!

Music has opened so many doors to me, and provided me with countless blessings. As a child it helped me gain self confidence and taught me work ethic and sacrifice. I was able to see the joy that my music brought into the lives of others and how it touched them and brightened their day, time and time again. I was also blessed with many amazing friendships that I can't imagine life without. Music has become my career, my hobby, and my passion. It has allowed me to have the choice of when I work, how I work, and where I work (at home, close to my family). If I can assist my students in experiencing any one of the many blessings music has brought me then I feel I have succeeded.